Church leaders in Germany strongly condemn Wuerzburg train axe attack

Muslim extremists group claim the 17-year-old assailant as one of its “fighters.”

July 19, 2016


Bern, Switzerland



On July 18, a teenage Afghan refugee armed with an axe and knife injured four people on a train in Southern Germany before he was shot dead by police, officials say. 

The attacker, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee, had been living in the nearby town of Ochsenfurt.

An Islamic extremist group has claimed the teenager as one of its “fighters.”

Adventist Church leaders in Germany strongly condemned the act and expressed their sympathy to the injured.

“The news about the attack on innocent people in a local train in Würzburg filled me with consternation,” said Wolfgang Dorn, president of the Adventist Church in the Bavaria region.

“We condemn violence of any kind. Violence is taking unimaginable proportions in these days,” said Jochen Streit, executive secretary of the Adventist Church in Southern Germany. “Our deepest sympathy goes to the injured of this attack. We pray for a fast recovery of all affected.”

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