When you face cultural barriers, what do you do? Learn important lessons from Oscar Osindo. source

A fearless Global Mission pioneer works in Moldova, a health expo in Georgia, and overcoming barriers when working with people from different world views. source

It’s a busy day at the park! Almost 70 people have come to experience the Adventist community health expo. Let’s join them on this summer day. source

Cindy Chamberlin, the VP for Communications for the Center California Conference shares news from the region. source

A ten year old boy in the Solomon Islands gives up video games to plant a church, a young girl in Brazil gives up her birthday cake to feed the homeless, and a modern-day miracle. source

Wesley has found a unique way to minister to people’s spiritual needs. He’s a snow cone vendor who is well known in his neighborhood. source

An Urban Center of Influence in Trinidad helps needy children, a prayer map that looks like a subway map, and mission work in Oakland, California. source

This week, we hear about the beginnings of city mission work in Philadelphia and about the life of John Jacob Hyde, an early Adventist Church missionary to several countries in Africa. source

We learn about the start of the Adventist work in Alaska, about W. C. White, and the arrival of the first Adventist Church missionary to Ecuador. source

The Veg Hub is at the center of a plant-based lifestyle with our bistro and upcoming cooking classes. source

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