A mobile clinic in Mexico is the perfect way to bring healthcare to those who can’t visit a regular doctor. Let’s go to Villahermosa to join one of the bus stops! source

ADRA provides a number of creative solutions to assist people in New Zealand. source

This week, we learn the stories of Adventist Church missionaries to China. source

Thank you to all our donors who wrote messages of hope to the beneficiaries they supported during our Life Saver campaign! Your generosity and kindness is spreading joy! source

Right now is ADRA’s annual matching appeal for children! Every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED for children like Damy. Without urgent help, children like Damy will die. Caring for God’s children is a natural and desperately needed extension of our faith. Will you be the support that a child needs today? ADRA.org/childsurvival-sm source

This week, learn about the Chapman family, whose legacy of faithfulness still has an impact today. source

Jeremy Dixon started Revive Cafe in 2004 and has devoted his life to sharing with people how to eat and cook healthy so they can live with more vitality! source

This week, Peruvian Union University celebrates its hundredth year. Learn about the beginning of the school during this week’s episode. source

In Bangladesh, thousands of Rohingya refugees have settled in camps. The ADRA International president visits one of these camps to share the challenges and what ADRA is doing to help. source

When Juliana’s birthday came around, she didn’t want a birthday cake, she wanted to feed the homeless. When her mother resisted, Juliana found a way to overcome all obstacles and be an example for Jesus. source

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