Strap on your helmet and let’s go for a ride! Adventists in Puerto Rico are cycling with a purpose. They have found community in Jesus through bikes. source

Today we’ll join Fortunato’s leather making class! But at this class, we’ll learn more than just how to make a belt or a bag. He’ll teach us a lesson from the Bible. source

Josenildo used to drink and cause trouble in his neighborhood in Brazil. When the loud music and commotion from his house stopped one day, the neighbors got worried, only to find a surprise. source

Jonathan Duffy, ADRA’s President, urges support for Cyclone Idai and other recent disasters. To learn more on how ADRA is responding, visit source

From a cowboy in Peru, to a destroyed home in Brazil, God can use anyone or anything to share a message of hope with people. source

Cuando Abigail abrió la puerta a unas extrañas, no tenía idea de que su vida estaba a punto de cambiar. ¡Visitemos Lima, Perú para ver cómo un barrio se está transformando! source

Una clínica móvil en México es la forma perfecta de brindar atención médica a quienes no pueden ir a un médico. ¡Vamos a Villahermosa para participar de una de las jornadas del autobús! source

Glorimar lost her home and her future in a cyclone. Every day countless people like Glorimar face injuries, sickness, unsafe water, and lose the ability to make a living as a result of disasters. YOU CAN HELP NOW – source

Au Bangladesh, des milliers de réfugiés rohingyas se sont installés dans des camps. Le président d’ADRA International, visite un de ces camps pour partager les défis et les projets développés par ADRA pour leur venir en aide. source

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