Cuando no se puede resolver un conflicto por tierras valiosas en Nueva Delhi, un pionero de Misión Global se ve amenazado, pero se ofrece a cuidar la propiedad hasta que haya una resolución. source

Pastor Jan’s passion is working with people who don’t know about Jesus’ love for them, especially the Roma community. source

In Northwest Argentina, Manuel Ledesma has been working and living on the same farm for 87 years. For the past 20 years, he and his wife have been Adventists. They have a small church at the end of their property with 20 members. Before the weekend, Manuel and his grandson visit the church and get…

This week, we cover events from this week in Adventist history. Enjoy! source

Panama is a country of more than four million people. It’s also a cosmopolitan country with nearly 70% of the people living in cities. How can Seventh-day Adventists reach them? Learn how it’s being done. source

No ano 2000, uma igreja adventista na Romênia liberou duas salas para iniciar o jardim de infância. Agora, as duas salas se transformaram em dois edifícios escolares que em breve abrigarão 200 alunos! source

En el año 2000, una iglesia de Rumania despejó dos salas para comenzar con un jardín infantil. Ahora, las dos salas se han convertido en dos pabellones que pronto albergarán a 200 estudiantes. source

Pastor Andres Flores shows The Art Space, an Urban Center of Influence reaching children inside one of the busiest malls. source

In 2000, an Adventist church in Romania cleared two rooms to start kindergarten. Now, those two rooms have grown into two school buildings that soon will house 200 students! source

Ruben donates his time and skills to help build Adventist church buildings. He is now planting a new church in his house. source

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