Between March 8, 2020 through March 13, 2021, within the ADRA project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19” which falls within the field of expertise “Assisting victims of natural disasters” , 73,511 people from vulnerable families received food and hygiene products, medicines or protective equipment, social assistance, psychological counseling and shelter assistance.

Within the project, “Humanitarian support COVID-19”, especially created for the current situation and implemented on March 8, 2020, ADRA Romania aims to reduce the risks generated by the COVID-19 virus among the population, the objective being achieved by promoting prevention and adaptability measures socio-economic and by ensuring the need, in particular, for commodities and hygiene kits to maintain safety. The ADRA project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19 ” focuses on helping people to cope with the survival needs of all regions in Romania: Muntenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Bucovina, Transylvania, Maramureș, Oltenia, Banat and Crișana.

The beneficiaries of the ADRA project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19”, disadvantaged people and those most vulnerable to the cornoavirus (children, young people, disadvantaged families, and vulnerable elderly) who do not have financial resources to successfully overcome the difficult period, are identified with the help of Territorial Administrative Units and benevolent volunteers. Together with our financiers, individuals, and legal entities from the country and abroad, ADRA Romania manages to respond concretely to the cry for help where it is needed, providing the bare necessities for survival in the face of the virus. Without the help of big-hearted ADRA partners and suppliers, it would not have been possible to provide basic food and hygiene each week under the Humanitarian Support COVID-19 project.

The current situation, with the extension of the alert state, the discovery of the new vaccine against COVID-19, and possibly another state of emergency in the future, created the need for ADRA Romania, through the project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19”, to put smiles every week on the sad and discouraged faces of people affected by the pandemic and at the same time give them hope for better days.

“Given the situation we have been facing for a year, people’s fear and suffering are far from over. ADRA Romania is able to break through the barriers every week, supporting and offering help to all people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the “Humanitarian Support COVID-19” project,  all beneficiaries have an equal chance of survival in the face of the virus, having all the help they ask for. Together with our unseen Partner, God, we serve humanity as He planned, ”says Delia Fărâmiță, Emergency Situations Manager and Marketing and Communication Manager.

“For a year now, we have been facing the pioneering of a situation that has changed our daily life [significantly]. A year ago we were facing the early signs of what was to be the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that was going to shape a new horizon. A sui generis genesis which we witnessed, at the same time, fearful, but also daring. We were then witnessing new legislative measures, sanctions, a variety of obstacles, and preparing for changes and decisions so that we could be with our beneficiaries as before. We were confident as a team that our work would continue and we could continue to help. To our joy, that’s what happened! ADRA Romania remains with [our] beneficiaries in the fight against Covid-19 when the need for intervention is necessary. The whole team overcame all the obstacles encountered to achieve their goals, although it was not easy at all. Adapting to the legislative, financial, but also protection and hygiene conditions were quite difficult, but the goal was and still is achieved. Positivity in these times is sometimes a utopia, but not for ADRA. We can find a reason to be positive in everything we do, with the help we continue to give through the project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19 “, and this state comes from the gram of happiness that our beneficiaries display when they greet us “says Bogdan Stănică, ADRA Romania Project Manager.

ADRA Romania humanitarian aid, consisting of information, awareness, counseling, and distribution of food and hygiene products, was provided by qualified staff of the ADRA team who acted in accordance with security and safety policies and the rules imposed by current laws; of the World Health Organization (WHO),  the Strategic Communication Group, the  Ministry of Health, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), in partnership with local authorities and accredited institutions, some specialized services being outsourced.

ADRA Romania promotes a better future!

Those who want to join the ADRA Romania team through the project  “Humanitarian Support COVID-19”  and get involved, can do so by:

  • volunteering (you can contact ADRA project coordinators at the regional level);
  • through material donations (especially food and hygiene products, medicines or protective equipment, clothing) but also through
  • financial donations to ADRA accounts (specifying “COVID-19 Humanitarian Support”) or
  • donating right now directly on the website / donate for the project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19” by specifying “Humanitarian Support COVID-19” for the purpose of
  • donating 2 Euro right now by SMS to the number 8845 with the text “ADRA”.

Since 1990, the Seventh-day Adventist Agency for Development, Recovery, and Aid – ADRA Romania is mainly involved in development projects that benefit the entire population. Leading in the projects undertaken according to the motto “Justice. Compassion. Love. ”, ADRA Romania brings joy and hope in the lives of the beneficiaries by promoting a better future, values, ​​and human dignity. Accredited social services provider, ADRA Romania is part of the ADRA International network, the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the most widespread non-governmental organizations in the world, active in more than 118 countries and guided by a philosophy that combines compassion with practicality, addressing people in need, without making racial, ethnic, political or religious distinctions in order to serve humanity so that all may live as God intended. 


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