The building has 10 offices, a 90-seat conference room, a small gym, and a pool.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador celebrated the inauguration of the church’s new headquarters during a special ceremony in the capital, San Salvador.

The one-story facility houses 10 offices, a conference room that can seat 90, a small gym, and a pool.

“You have this beautiful great office now, so may everyone who comes to this building see the glory of God shining through you,” Tim Aka, associate treasurer for the Adventist world church, told a crowd of hundreds of people, including leaders from the Adventist world church and the Inter-American Division, local church members, and neighbors.

Aka congratulated church leaders in El Salvador for their work in the Central American country and encouraged all to share the love of Jesus in every plan, activity, and event to further the mission of the church.

Furthering the work of the church has had a lot to do with the 12 staff members in the El Salvador Union Mission and the leaders of its five conference fields, said Abel Pacheco, president of the church in El Salvador.

  • Abel Pacheco, right, president of the El Salvador Union, speaking to nearly 500 people at the opening of the new headquarters in San Salvador, on Oct. 30, 2016. Roberto Brown of Honduras Union is translating. (Abel Márquez / IAD)

  • Adventist world church general vice president Artur Stele offering a prayer of dedication for the headquarters. (Abel Márquez / IAD)

  • Hundreds of people witnessing the opening of the union headquarters that will oversee about 199,000 church members and nearly 1,000 churches and congregations. (Abel Márquez / IAD)

  • The new building, located in San Salvador, has 10 offices, a large conference room, and a small gym and pool. (Abel Márquez / IAD)

“We praise God for having such a great dedicated unified team and for God’s many blessings,” Pacheco said.

Government and city leaders praised the work of the Adventist Church in contributing to a better society.

District pastors and laypersons reaffirmed their commitment to spreading the gospel as a celebration of music and thanksgiving set the tone for the inaugural celebration.

The one-story facility houses 10 offices, a conference room that can seat 90, a small gym, and a pool. The building was designed by architect Cintia Rivera, a church member, and is located near San Salvador’s business district. Construction began in July 2015 after purchase of the property and building permits were obtained the previous year.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador was reorganized in 2011 and has nearly 199,000 members worshipping in 979 churches and congregations. The church operates dozens of schools, two radio stations, and a literacy program in the country.

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