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Adventist Media wins awards at national Christian media conference

Adventist Media’s Maryellen Fairfax and Adam Kavanagh with their CMAA awards. [Photo courtesy of Adventist Media]

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Adventist Media was acknowledged at the 2019 Christian Media & Arts Australia (CMAA) conference, winning two awards at the Excellence in Media Awards presentation on Wednesday, May 15.

Maryellen Fairfax was announced as winner of the “Emerging Talent” category, beating four other finalists from prominent media institutions. She is a panelist on Mums At The Table and also one of the hosts of I Am, both productions of Adventist Media.

“Receiving this award has been absolutely surreal! Every ounce of credit goes to God,” said Fairfax.

“I’m so privileged that He’s using me in the Christian media space, and I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do next as I keep surrendering myself daily to Him.”

I Am, a 13-part series on discovering and developing a relationship with Jesus, also won the “Compelling Content—Film/Television/Video” category.

Adventist Media production manager Adam Kavanagh accepted the award. “It’s a blessing to be able to create content that shares Jesus,” said Kavanagh, who also directed the I Am series.

Adventist Media CEO Brad Kemp said he was “delighted but not surprised” by the awards.

“We produce exceptional programs and content, many of which are designed to make missional contacts for the Church,” he added. “It is an honor to be recognized by the broader Christian community for what we are doing.”

The Adventist Media team also had the opportunity to run a workshop during the CMAA conference, explaining the Mums At The Table ministry and discussing topics such as God’s creativity and sharing Christian values in a secular world.

Feedback from the workshop and conference was overwhelmingly positive with many individuals and ministries eager to partner with and learn from Adventist Media.

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