Premier official congratulates the denomination for training national leaders.

Vanuatu’s prime minister, Bob Loughman, congratulated the regional Seventh-day Adventist Church for training up national leaders in his opening address at the church’s 24th Quinquennial Session at Epauto Adventist Multipurpose Centre in the capital city of Port Vila on January 20, 2021.

Loughman said that his office is working with churches to address secularism in the country.

Newly appointed Vanuatu Mission (VM) president Charlie Jimmy presented Loughman with two books — a family Bible and Food As Medicine by Sue Radd — as a token of appreciation for attending the session opening.

According to reports from the business sessions, 146 delegates were present at the opening session, and in all, 192 people are expected to attend.

“Session is a time [for] the church [to] listen to reports, re-think, dialogue, re-focus, and plan for the next five years,” read a post on the VM Facebook page.

  • Prime Minister Bob Loughman was greeted with a traditional welcome at the 24th Quinquennial Session of the Vanuatu Mission. [Photo: Jean Pierre Niptik]

  • The 24th Quinquennial Session of the Vanuatu Mission, held at Epauto Adventist Multipurpose Centre, began on January 20, 2021. [Photo: Jean Pierre Niptik]

Trans-Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) president Maveni Kaufononga made his official speech live through Zoom video conference and congratulated VM’s newly appointed officers, Jimmy, Mission secretary Kaio Timothy, and chief financial officer Tom Noka.

A highlight of the meeting was Timothy’s report, which stated that membership has grown to more than 29,000 members.

“It’s the biggest venue since the first session in 1924. The last session was held at Aore Adventist Academy in 2015,” read another Facebook post.

Delegates have heard reports from health ministries, women in ministry, treasury, youth ministry, and Aore Adventist Academy.

Andric Tanghwa reported that in 2020, the “Year of Youth in Evangelism,” more than 2,000 youths preached at 246 meeting sites, resulting in the baptism of 1,700 people by October 2020.

Aore Adventist Academy principal George Jonathan called for help to rebuild the school after its destruction by Cyclone Harold in April 2020. A fundraising concert took place on January 24.

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