General Conference Secretariat asks church leaders to consider two documents on the issue.

General Conference Secretariat has released two documents about church governance and unity that are to be considered by church leadership at the Annual Council business meeting in October.

The main document, titled “A Study of Church Governance and Unity,” is a 50-page compilation of references from the Bible, the writings of Adventist Church cofounder Ellen G. White, and Adventist Church history as relating to policy and unity. The second document, the 17-page “Statement on Church Governance and Unity,” summarizes the points made in the longer document.

Both documents were published Sunday on the website of the General Conference’s Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research, which prepared them on behalf of Secretariat. Secretariat oversees the General Conference’s working policy.

“During Annual Council this year we plan to discuss how best to address divergence from the current policy,” General Conference executive secretary G.T. Ng said Friday in an e-mail to members of the General Conference Executive Committee, comprised of church leaders from around the world who will gather at church headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, for Annual Council on Oct. 5 to 12. “Please prayerfully review these documents as they provide a foundation for these discussions.”

Ng attached PDF copies of the two documents to the e-mail.

“We are living in a critical time in history,” Ng said. “Many prophetic events are unfolding before our very eyes. Christ’s return is imminent. The church must fulfill the mission for which it was founded. We must forge ahead valiantly. Nothing should distract us from sharing the gospel with a fearful and chaotic world. May the Holy Spirit soon pour out in full measure the latter rain to a united church.”

Read: “A Study of Church Governance and Unity” (PDF)

Read: “Statement on Church Governance and Unity” (PDF)

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