North American Division releases a congratulatory statement

“Hacksaw Ridge,” a film that tells the story of Desmond T. Doss, the Seventh-day Adventist United States Army medic who became the first conscientious objector to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, won two Oscars at the 89th Academy Awards on February 26.

John Gilbert won the Oscar for Best Editing, and Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert McKenzie, and Peter Grace won the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing. Mel Gibson was nominated for Best Director, Andrew Garfield was nominated as Best Actor for his portrayal of Doss, and “Hacksaw Ridge” was nominated for Best Picture and Best Sound Editing.

The 2016 film tells the story of Doss’s heroic World War II exploits on the island of Okinawa, where he saved the lives of 75 men during combat, without carrying a gun.

The North American Division has offered the following statement: “The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America would like to congratulate the filmmakers of “Hacksaw Ridge” for winning two Academy Awards. We celebrate your God-given creativity, talent, and artistry that helped bring the story of Desmond T. Doss and his faith to millions of people. We celebrate your accomplishments and thank you for sharing the story of this remarkable, humble, and God-fearing man with the world.”

Click here to read more about Desmond Doss and the film “Hacksaw Ridge.”

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