Dec 20, 2016

Bern Switzerland

Germany: Berlin truck crash spreads waves of fear

Twelve people are dead and at least 48 injured, some seriously, after a lorry plowed into a crowded Christmas market at an estimated 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour)  in Berlin, Germany on December 19. Berlin police are investigating the incident as “a probable terrorist attack.”

The violent truck assault on Berlin’s crowded Breitscheidplatz Christmas market had similarities to the attack on the Promenade des Angalis in Nice last summer, including the same type of semi-truck, the same speed of 40mph and the same mass of holiday revelers. In both cases, there were multiple deaths and many injured.

“In our minds and hearts is the loss and the grief of the people of Berlin, those who died, those who are still recovering, the families who’ve seen their loved ones harmed or killed,” said the president of the Adventist Church in the Inter-European Region, Mario Brito.

He added, “We want to remind them that they are not alone. The Adventist people in Europe and all over the world stand with you, are thinking about you and are praying for you. We firmly condemn these acts of terror. We cannot accept such disrespect towards human life and human dignity. We abhor such hideous violence. We pray that the Lord may bless us with serenity, concord and peace during this Christmas time”

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