Nov 02, 2016

Lusaka, Zambia

Hope Channel Zambia mourns the loss of talented worker

[photo credit: Hope Channel Zambia]

Hope Channel Zambia is mourning the loss of a young, talented and dedicated worker who died this week from injuries sustained during an automobile accident on October 23.

Bright “Brighty” Hachintu, age 33, was returning home along with two members of Hope Channel Zambia from a day of recording musical selections by local choirs when their truck hit a pothole and flipped over. As a result of the crash, Hachintu sustained major head trauma and internal bleeding. He succumbed to his injuries a week later. 

A pedestrian was also killed in the accident. The two other passengers who were with Hachintu are in stable condition with no severe injuries.

“Brighty was a most trusted and committed worker. A fast learner, he came from a humble background,” said Daddy Chitalu, Hope Channel production director and engineer. “He quickly learned television production skills and was a camera operator and editor for HC Zambia. Brighty will be greatly missed and it is very challenging for us to pick up and move on.” 

In an email tribute to Brighty, Kandus Thorpe, director of international development for Hope Channel International said, “Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to Shully, Chipo, Beenzu and the extended Hachintu family. The loss of Brighty is also felt greatly by the Hope Channel Zambia team and we pray for them too, that God will bring peace, healing and provide for the ongoing work that needs to be done. Truly we live in the midst of a great controversy with so much pain and suffering!” 

Brighty was buried in his home village, Chikankata, Zambia. During the funeral there was a touching tribute by the Mazabuka Choir, the same choir taped on Bright’s last Hope Channel assignment.

Brighty is survived by his wife, Shully Hachintu and two sons, Chipo, age 4 and Beenzu, age 2.

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