S eventh-day Adventists in Brazil took to regional beaches to share the everlasting gospel in spite of pandemic restrictions.

With the coronavirus, gyms remained closed. Even after the publication of public decrees for their reopening, with restrictions on hours and number of people,the facilities weren’t fully open. Unlike the closed environment, the functional beach circuit—an outdoor training course—has attracted more and more fans. Popularized as “Muscle Beach” in Venice, California, United States, the outdoor training has won adherents in Brazil as well.

A group of Adventist women decided to promote Impact Hope to the beachgoers. On October 29, as regular students of the training, they took the opportunity to offer breakfast to their fellow athletes and deliver the book The Greatest Hope as part of the missionary project book distribution, which was scheduled for Sabbath, October 31st across the country. The local action occurred right after training and lasted about one hour.

According to Marília Dantas, director of the Women’s Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the States of Bahia and Sergipe, and one of the creators of “Breakfast of Hope” (“Café da Manhã de Esperança” in Portuguese), the group of Adventist women who train in this circuit, besides having physical activity, promotes hope to people.
“I am happy to be able to bring a little hope to such a special group. I am really delighted with the fact that all students wanted to receive the book,” Dantas said.

For Alfredo Júnior, a Physical Education professional who trains the group, better known by all as “JR Treino de Areia,” the occasion of the delivery was very timely. “This book brings us a wonderful message that in these difficult times we have to cling to the Creator in search of better days, and certainly those who have faith, have hope,” he said.

In addition to the director of the women’s ministry, three others participated in the action that reached around 50 people. “This is an opportunity that we have to participate in Impacto Esperança, and it is also an opportunity to carry the health message through the eight remedies of nature,” said Dantes.

Impact Hope is one of the largest missionary movements in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With due care to ensure safety in a period of social detachment, women used their creativity to bring hope in the form of books. The focus of this year’s campaign is #ImpactoDoSeuJeito

To find out more about this project, visit adv.st/impactoesperanca

And if you want to purchase the book in Portuguese in a digital format, download it here.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site


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