S abbath is a day marked by spiritual programs and community among Adventists who attend the Moinhos de Vento Adventist Church in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After the morning service, they prepare a full meal and cater to people living on the sidewalks of the Floresta neighborhood and the central region of the capital.

But on November 28, the Marmita Solidária (Community Lunchbox) project had the extra support of students from Colégio Adventista Marechal Rondon. The little ones created cards in which words of encouragement formed a motivational acrostic, and were placed on the lids of the lunch boxes. The idea came up during Portuguese language and writing classes by five elementary and high school teachers.

The students’ parents also supported the project and helped with the distribution of meals.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site


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