Greetings, friends. Here we are at the end of another week, and in fact, another month. How quickly this year is going by, with the first four months already gone! Sometimes, as we come to the end of a week, or a month, or even a day, it’s a good time to pause and reflect for a moment, asking ourselves, “What have I done for others today?” “Whose burden have I been able to lift?” “Who have I reached for Jesus?”
In this world of sin, suffering, and darkness, it is sometimes difficult to know just how to reach someone–how to let them know “the truth as it is in Jesus.”

In the book of Psalms, chapter 119, verse 105, we read the well-known verse, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

God’s word is what lights our way, giving instruction for life, and guiding us through this dark world. Imagine if there was a quick and easy way to share that light with others, sharing Biblical, truth-filled literature in a way that fits right into their pocket, and they can take with them wherever they go?

Today, I’m delighted to let you know about a great way you can share your faith with others. Let’s take a look at this video from the General Conference’s Publishing Ministries Department.

Friends, as you can see, Sharing Hope is not only a great way to enrich your own life, but provides an easy way to spread the light far and wide–through social media platforms, direct messaging, and more! And currently, the beautiful books and other materials on Sharing Hope are available in 13 languages, with more to come. 

Literature ministry is a powerful way to reach others with the truth for this time. We are given this inspired instruction: “Let everyone professing the name of Christ act a part in sending forth the message, ‘The end of all things is at hand’ . . . Our publications should go everywhere. . . . The third angel’s message is to be given through gospel literature, and through the living teacher. You who believe the truth for this time, wake up. It is our duty now to employ every possible means to help in the proclamation of the truth. When you are riding on the cars, visiting, conversing with your neighbors—wherever you are, let your light shine forth. Hand out the papers and tracts to those with whom you associate, and speak a word in season, praying that the Holy Ghost will make the seed productive in some hearts. This work will be blessed of God” (The Publishing Ministry, p. 57).

Friends, I encourage you to use literature ministry, whether it is through Sharing Hope, or through printed literature, to reach others for Christ. This work will be blessed by God!

Let’s pray. Father in heaven, thank you for the marvelous potential and commissioned by you to share the word of God with others. And Lord, help us to use literature in every form that we can, whether it is in printed form or electronically, to bring the precious truths of God soon coming, in the form of Jesus Christ to this earth to take us home to be with him in heaven. What an opportunity to touch the lives of people with literature. Lord, use each one of us as we distribute these beautiful tracts of encouragement to people. Lord, come quickly. And may we find people in heaven because we shared the word. In Jesus name we ask it, amen!


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