S outhwestern Adventist University has been selected as a recipient for a $90,000 Nursing Innovation Grant Program (NIGP) award under the 2020-2022 RFA (request for applications) entitled “Supporting Clinical Learning Experiences to Mitigate Impediments due to COVID-19.” Funding from this grant, provided by the academic quality and workforce division of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, will allow SWAU’s department of nursing to purchase additional simulation equipment and expand their clinical learning program on campus.

The effects of COVID-19 impacted nursing students across the globe, causing many nursing programs to make adjustments to their clinical learning programs. As a result of this grant funding, SWAU will be able to offer students more clinical experience in simulation labs on campus and greater preparation for real patient care.

The NIGP will allow SWAU to purchase three high-tech patient manikins and other upgrades to the simulation control rooms. Additionally, the grant will help with costs associated with the training and operation of expanded simulation areas.

“We are excited to offer greater opportunities for our students to practice patient-care skills and clinical judgment in a very realistic environment,” explained Dr. Kerrie Kimbrow, AdventHealth endowed chair of the nursing department. “Nursing faculty, Dr. Joyce Melius and Jean Alway, have worked hard to provide high-level simulation experiences for our students, and we look forward to this very timely growth for our department.”

Funding is being awarded over the course of two years and will allow SWAU’s nursing program to provide an even higher-quality experience while remaining hands-on and affordable. To learn more about the SWAU department of nursing, visit swau.edu/nursing.

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