How do you calling what is bringing illness, death, debt and uncertainty to so many a “blessing?”

And yet, for Efraín Leyva, a 21-year-old man, it has been. If the the coronavirus had never happened, he and 10 other people with whom he is studying the Bible, would not have learned about the love of God.

Just before the pandemic, Leyva decided to spend a few days at his brother’s house. Little did he know that this would mean a stay of five months and the temporary loss of his job. In the midst of loneliness and social isolation, he was reminded of when his family listened to Radio Nuevo Tiempo at home. However, as he grew older, he admits he closed his ears to the “Voice of Hope”.

“It was 10 pm. I started exploring which application to download. It was there that I decided on Radio Nuevo Tiempo. Inside I found the message of pastor Alejandro Bullón ”, says Leyva. “I asked myself: What have I done with my life up to here? I asked my uncle for help and he guided me in the study of the Bible, but everything was complemented by ‘Esperanza’, the robot .”

“However, in my mind and in my heart was the name of my cousin; so I decided to invite him to study together. She invited another person and that person invited others, ” explains Leyva.

Soon, a group of ten people had been formed who were studying Bible courses: “Teachings of Jesus”, “Between the Family” and “Apocalypse” by WhatsApp and other video-conferencing methods.

“The days have passed and I cannot put off my decision for Jesus any longer. I want to be the first person in the group to be baptized ”, says Leyva. “I’m thankful that God allowed the pandemic so that I find a different course in my life! At my age, I was already mired in alcoholism and on the swampy path of promiscuity. Thank God because his Word reached me through Radio Nuevo Tiempo.”

On August 8, in a special ceremony, Efraín Leyva sealed his covenant with God in the waters of baptism. Today, miraculously, he got his job back and continues to study God’s Word with the friends in his group, yearning to witness them descend into the waters of baptism.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site


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