Dec 15, 2016

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Syrian children benefit from Adventist initiative in São Paulo

Toys were donated by OI TV and internet companies, the largest telecommunications company in Brazil. [photo credit: Jhenifer Costa)

A Seventh-day Adventist ministry in Brazil distributed toys to more than 150 Syrian refugee children who live in downtown Sao Paulo thanks to the contribution of the largest telecommunications company in Brazil.

The initiative on December 4 was coordinated by Genesis Base Institute, a center of influence run by the Seventh-day Adventist church in the city of Sao Paulo. Genesis Base Institute also offers courses, speech classes and other initiatives for refugees in Sao Paulo.

The toys were donated by “OI”, a national network of internet and television companies. The kids had the opportunity to choose their gifts, which were sponsored by OI employees.  

“It was a very gratifying experience to be able to see a smile on their faces,” says Thais Correia, human resources analyst of Genesis Base Institute.

The initiative’s coordinator and local church pastor, Wally Santos, shared that while it’s easy to grow tired from the rush of the holidays, the desire to love our neighbors must always be stronger.

“Doing good is our mission,” said Santos. 

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