After a lot rain, it seems that the summer has finally arrived in Holland. The summer season has begun, so it seems.

Calendar-wise, the summer began weeks ago. But nature shows us how we are not in control of seasons, as it decided to give us autumn-like weather. The same goes for the seasons in our lives. Oh, how we enjoy the summer seasons in our lives, even the autumn seasons are to our liking. But then, after the summer seasons, we find ourselves slowly but surely in the fall seasons… those uncertain times, those times in which we are being foretold: ‘WINTER IS COMING!’ And then, suddenly, winter came. Cold days, scary days, uncomfortable days that has the danger of letting you trip and fall if you are not careful enough!

Whatever season you might be in, during life at this moment, one thing is certain: it does not have to last forever. As God chooses to turn the seasons in nature from one to the other, so is He able to the same in your lives. All we have to do is trust Him completely, and allow Him to overturn our cold, dark and lonely winters. Perhaps we can learn something about winter feasts here. It may be dark and cold, but by decorating it with lights and candles, small matters, we can still produce a smile in winter time. Small things, decorative, light-giving things. What are those in your lives today? Look for them. And even if you, yourself might be in a winter season now, those small props might put a smile on your face on your way to autumn. God Bless!

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