The British people have given their voice to where they stand in regard to the expensive experiment called the ‘EU.’

Point is, in their craving for power and economical stability, the European countries too hastily wanted to join and create one big European Super Power next to those as the United States, and more or less: Russia. With China having a fast economical growth, Europe had to stop sleeping and forge a super power too. Military wise, and economically, the joining of forces would lead to another great super power. Economically, because once the borders and valuta become one and the same, there’s little to no competition among EU States.

Well… that’s was the *dream* … In reality, local identity is never ever submissive for a ‘good cause’ so to speak. In fact, local identity is never submissive for any cause. Which brings me to the question if Adventism itself will survive the idea of a ‘world church,’ having a ‘unity’ on both theological and ecclesiological ground. I believe the unity on theological ground (i.e. ‘The 28’) will pose no problem. However, ecclesiological, the local identity and cultures will pose a serious threat to the idea of a unified world church. One governing body to decide on regional matters will likely cause fractions, or better said: bring the existing fractures to the surface as is visible in the Women’s Ordination issue.

What we need for the time being, is to be ahead of a collapse of the unity on ecclesiological grounds, and re-think how to maintain a world church before local identity and cultures pressures us into ‘brexit’ type of fractions. Join me in prayer for our church.

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