Serving God overseas can be an adventure. Samantha is a student from America serving in the middle east. source

Brother Joseph lived the kind of live no one lives. He squandered his money on drugs, beat his wife and kids. But God kept him from killing himself and his…

How do you adapt your faith to build bridges with people around you? Learn from a woman who is serving her community in a challenging region. source

Buildings are irrelevant when it comes to discipling. This activity can happen in a cafe, a home, or in a warehouse–in the apostle Paul’s time it was by the river….

How could a loving God allow suffering? God in Pain is an art exhibition to inspire discussions through photos and paintings. source

A boy who fell in the fire pit was saved by a man who nobody saw. source

God helped Tommy meet the Adventist Church when he traveled to Australia. Back in Hong Kong, Tommy’s life takes a new direction that is impacting friends and family for Jesus….

This center of influence in Vienna, Austria takes care of the homeless. They care for their physical needs by providing foods and clothing but their ministry does not stop here….

O Dia Mundial da Juventude é um dia em que os jovens perdem um sermão na igreja para se tornar o sermão nas ruas. Vejamos como jovens ao redor do…

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