From the heart of the city of Melbourne, Australia. Pastor Roy and his family encounter a new and diverse group while they venture into church planting. source

Visit the house Ellen G. White lived while working as a missionary in Australia. source

Cooking with Nancy and Kayla in Mission 360º kitchen! source

A Life Hope Center opens in downtown Nazareth in Israel. Some of the activities there include English language, computer classes, and health teaching. source

A mobile clinic in Mexico is the perfect way to bring healthcare to those who can’t visit a regular doctor. Let’s go to Villahermosa to join one of the bus stops! source

ADRA provides a number of creative solutions to assist people in New Zealand. source

In Bangladesh, thousands of Rohingya refugees have settled in camps. The ADRA International president visits one of these camps to share the challenges and what ADRA is doing to help. source

When Juliana’s birthday came around, she didn’t want a birthday cake, she wanted to feed the homeless. When her mother resisted, Juliana found a way to overcome all obstacles and be an example for Jesus. source

A South American man moved overseas with his family to accomplish a special purpose in an unnamed region. source

Algo salió terriblemente mal cuando Vitalina se preparaba para dar a luz a su segundo hijo. Comenzó a sangrar mucho y los médicos le pusieron un tipo de sangre equivocado durante una transfusión. Pero Dios tenía planes especiales para ella. source

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