Meet Sonya Funna Evelyn, ADRA International’s Vice President for Sustainable Development. Her journey with ADRA was fueled by a deep desire to serve others and make a meaningful impact.
Sonya’s dedication to training women in safe childbirth practices highlights the profound impact of empowering women. By equipping them with essential knowledge and skills, she ensures a safer future for both mothers and their children, leaving a lasting generational impact.
While Women’s Month may have passed, recognizing and uplifting women and girls remains crucial every day.

Adventist Development and Relieve Agency (ADRA) International is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We deliver relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 120 countries—regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation, gender, or religious association. By partnering with local communities, organizations, and governments, ADRA can deliver culturally relevant programs and build local capability for sustainable change.
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