In a significant feat for both his alma mater and his faith community, Christopher Niño Duane Mendoza, a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and proud graduate of Matias H. Aznar Memorial (MHAM) College of Medicine in Cebu, Philippines, has emerged as the highest scorer in the recent National Physician Licensure Examination in the Philippines, achieving a score of 89.25 percent.

Mendoza’s achievement holds significance in the Seventh-day Adventist community, highlighting excellence in medical education and the professional readiness nurtured within. He regards his career as a vital extension of gospel service, viewing it as an avenue to provide essential physical healing to those in need.

“When I was young, I struggled with feelings of underachievement. However, as I grew up, I came to recognize the inherent worth of education. I see learning as a precious gift, one that equips me to give back to others by sharing knowledge and cultivating learning opportunities,” said Mendoza.

“I’ve come to understand that through daily devotion and prayer, I can help improve myself. By surrendering to God’s will, I’ve learned that He enables me to fulfill His purpose.” Mendoza elaborated.

Before obtaining his degree from Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine in Cebu, Mendoza spent his pre-med years studying medical technology at Southwestern University Cebu from 2014 to 2018. Without delay, he transitioned from his pre-med studies to pursue his medicine course a few months after graduating, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his educational path.

While pursuing his medical technology degree, Mendoza actively sought out a suitable institution for his future studies in medicine. Despite the numerous options available in their region, he selected MHAM. His decision was driven by the fact that MHAM is one of the two medical schools in Cebu offering Sabbath-free classes for Adventists, a priority for Mendoza in choosing his educational path.

For Mendoza, the Sabbath holds profound importance. His mother instilled in him the cherished lesson of preserving the Sabbath as his paramount priority, surpassing all his personal needs and aspirations.

“My mother led by example, teaching me the importance of honoring the Sabbath and nurturing our relationship with God. This foundation has served as my guiding light and motivation as I diligently attend all my classes,” narrated Mendoza.

Mendoza recounted the demanding schedule of taking four to five examinations on Fridays to ensure his Sabbath observance. Typically, the stress and pressure involved limit students to a maximum of two exams per day. Despite these obstacles, Mendoza remained steadfast and excelled in all of his exams throughout the course.

Mendoza will begin his residency in November, with goals that extend beyond clinical practice. He intends to pursue a teaching career along with his residency. His ultimate goal is to specialize, focusing on either internal medicine or general surgery.

“This gift I received is something I didn’t expect. The path to where I am right now is never easy, but it was worthwhile because with every step, I felt God leading in guidance,” Mendoza said.

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the number of Adventist students in the Philippines achieving top scores on national licensure examinations across various medical disciplines, including medicine, nursing, medical technology, physical therapy, and dentistry. Their Adventist alma maters attribute this trend to a combination of factors, such as spiritual enrichment, meticulous exam preparation, and the high standard of Adventist education received at the undergraduate and prior levels.

The original article was published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division website.

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