Adventist World Radio (AWR) has launched a project to help Ukraine.

At the initiative of AWR leaders Duane McKey, AWR president, and Vasily Makarchuk, European regional director, a semi-trailer was developed especially for Ukraine, which will travel around our country. The purpose of the trip is to help residents in different regions, especially territories suffering from the consequences of the war, where many displaced people live.

During the annual meeting of the Adventist Church in Ukraine on October 28–30, this project was presented to attendees.

The meeting of the Ukrainian Union Conference was held for the first time, after the Ukrainian Union became an attached field of the General Conference in April 2022. Artur Stele, vice president of the General Conference, presided over this meeting.

Maksym Krupskyi, Hope Media Group director, introduced the meeting participants to the implementation of “Radio on the Move,” of which the Media Group is a partner.

Andrii Skoryna, the project manager, spoke through Zoom about the team involved in the preparation of the truck’s movement through Ukraine. The semi-trailer contains medical equipment for receiving and servicing patients. Specialists in various fields, such as doctors and psychologists who will provide the necessary assistance—psychological, medical, and spiritual—will travel with Skoryna. In addition, the Bible School, as part of the Media Group’s ministry, will also provide materials and actively participate in the project. Serhii Vershylo, Bible School director, made a lot of effort to provide the project with the necessary materials and establish cooperation with partners.

A special guest of the meeting was Kent Sharpe, project manager and vice president of AWR, who came to Ukraine to support the launch of “Radio on the Move.”

Sharpe spoke about the stages of project preparation and the opportunities offered by this initiative. He drew attention to the fact that despite the difficult times Ukrainians are experiencing, there are always rays of light breaking through the clouds. 

Sharpe asked the Lord with those present in the prayer of dedication: that future meetings with “Radio on the Move” in different regions help the people of Ukraine to receive help and hope in these difficult times.

The first departure of the “Radio on the Move” truck is planned for the city of Mukachevo and will begin in November 2022.

The original article was published on the Ukrainian Union Conference Ukrainian-language website.


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