The Adventist Mission director for the Euro-Asia Division shares his father’s faith and consequence thereof. source

Meeting needs in a refugee community, the story of a grandfather killed by Joseph Stalin, and your 13th Sabbath Offerings making a difference at an Adventist university in Madagascar. source

Reflecting on mission is as important as the actual doing of mission. The department of World Mission at Andrews University prepares students for mission service. source

Do you know what a missionary is? Karen didn’t think she was one or could ever be. source

The Butterfly Church in Taiwan, a mobile clinic in Mexico, and the answer to the question: What is a missionary? source

Yoriko participates in the Youth Rush program to knock on doors, sell books and give Bible studies. source

Karen shares the miraculous story of a healed leaper. source

The Southern Asia-Pacific region of the world church has a tremendous diversity of cultures, languages, and religions. Global Mission Pioneers are at the forefront of the work in the land…

Today we are bringing stories to LIFE. We are visiting some of the places you have read about on our Mission 360 magazine. source

A group of young people take the plunge into church planting. They did not know anyone who had done this before but through friendship they were able to start a…

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