Do you know what a missionary is? Karen didn’t think she was one or could ever be. source

The Butterfly Church in Taiwan, a mobile clinic in Mexico, and the answer to the question: What is a missionary? source

Yoriko participates in the Youth Rush program to knock on doors, sell books and give Bible studies. source

Karen shares the miraculous story of a healed leaper. source

A group of young people take the plunge into church planting. They did not know anyone who had done this before but through friendship they were able to start a…

An interview with the Global Mission coordinator for the Southern Ghana Union Conference. He brings a mission report from the region. source

One day a strange tourist came to his hotel. The two men gradually became friends. Until one day, the hotel worker learned God does not require us to balance the…

The church pastor of another denomination finds a Voice of Prophecy bible study. He eagerly studies it and decides to share a new-found truth with his church. The result? Many…

A science major allows God to use him in a restricted country. As a Christian, he may not have been allowed to work there otherwise. source

A Pastor moves his family to a restricted country. He lives there incarnationally, serving cross-culturally to show the love of Jesus. source

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