On Sabbath, July 16, a special event took place in the city of Novokuznetsk on the banks of the Tom River: Two sisters, Yulia and Natalya, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and made a covenant with God through baptism. Each of them had her own special path to Jesus. And now they’ve made a decision to follow Him, putting their lives of sin in the past. They testified to this, not only before people but also the heavenly host, having entered the waters of the Tom River.


The rite of baptism was performed by the pastor of the Novokuznetsk community, Ivan Stepanovich Sobor. After the baptism, a festive dinner was arranged on the river bank, during which the brothers and sisters shared their experiences of Christian life, recalled their paths to God, and rejoiced that two new sisters joined their church family.


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