A tremendous spiritual awakening occurred in northern Davao, Philippines, from October 6–21, 2023, in an atmosphere abounding with faith and dedication. This awe-inspiring event series, titled “It Is Written: The Hour Has Come,” witnessed a total of 646 people actively participating in baptism.

The Tagum Central Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the gathering throughout 11 locations, playing a crucial role in strengthening district unity and igniting a profound spiritual reawakening.

Sermons with Impact from the Pulpit

The keynote speaker at the Tagum Central event was Pastor Miguel Crespo, president of the New York Conference. His spirit-filled teachings, translated by Pastor Rene Rosa, field secretary of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC), deeply impacted many people. Pastor Ely Magtanong, the U.S. Coordinator, oversaw the coordination of the It Is Written team’s evangelistic operations. His tireless efforts ensured the event’s success and long-term influence.

The main guest speaker for the Cuambogan event was Charlotte Marriott, with Zenaida Necesario, Children’s Ministries director, and Pastor Raymond Cabardo serving as interpreters. Pastor Carlos Aganio led the church in Santo Tomas Central, while Jennifer Cardoza and the Field Two pastors led the church in Kapalong Central. Cindy Torgesen delivered a stunning speech in Mabini, translated by Pastor Vincent Tabelon.

Pastor Jasper Love Panuncio, executive secretary, supported Paul McLean in inspiring the assembly at Pantukan Central. Marrieta Nacorda, Women’s Ministries director, assisted Elizabeth Cowan in leading the meeting in Mawab. Pastor Julie Esteban, Stewardship Ministries director, and Pastor Art Kevin Rio took the stage at Nabunturan. Pastor Harlie Ybaez, an Adventist Mission director, oversaw the activities at Compostela Center.

Sir Crisolito Cabrera, Education Ministries director, provided a translation for John Marriott’s message at Carmen Central. Finally, Jim Reynolds delivered his message to North Davao Colleges, translated by Pastor Vicente Hulguin, Health and Youth Ministries director, leaving an indelible impression on the audience. These spiritual gatherings profoundly moved the people of northern Davao and brought about significant transformative rejuvenation.

In Memory of a Family Legacy

The It Is Written team paid tribute to the late Pastor Alex Necesario, former Northern Davao Mission (NDM) president, by continuing with their plans. Despite his untimely death, Pastor Danielo Palomares, current SPUC president, and Pastor Seth Suan, president of NDM, rallied the mission to continue their significant work. Pastor Suan expressed gratitude to everyone involved for their passion and commitment, acknowledging the joint effort and placing their trust in divine mercy.

Pastor John Bradshaw, president of It Is Written, graced the event with his presence. Although physically absent, he addressed the crowd via a poignant video message. Pastor Bradshaw commended the administrators of the NDM for their unwavering commitment to advancing God’s cause. His words of encouragement motivated everyone in attendance, strengthening the global ties and common vision of the It Is Written movement.

The spiritual revival in northern Davao extends beyond the local community, reaching a global network of people who share a desire for spiritual awakening. This event showcased the power of togetherness, faith, and the belief that large-scale transformation is achievable.

Refinement of the Legacy

Pastor Ely Magtanong took the opportunity to express his heartfelt gratitude in the local tongue, saying, “Daghang salamat kaninyo [“Thank you very much”].” He emphasized that their efforts aimed to bring glory to God’s name. Pastor Magtanong reminded everyone that this was just the beginning of a journey that would continue until Jesus’ second coming. Their commitment was to plant the seed of truth in the hearts of the newly baptized church members.

The event culminated on October 21 at the bustling Panabo Sports Complex, where a large crowd assembled. While this day was noteworthy, both speakers and organizers emphasized that it was only a stepping stone. The mission would continue, faith would expand, and the congregation would always encourage and mentor the newly baptized. The secretariat revealed that 3,246 baptisms had been registered since May, a stunning testament to the impact of diligent Bible studies and field preparations.

This exceptional meeting vividly illustrated the power of working together to achieve a common goal. It demonstrated how unified faith can lead to widespread spiritual rebirth, changing the lives of people throughout northern Davao.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division website.


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