From Angol to Puerto Williams, Chile, a great Adventist presence has been visible, mobilizing to develop Evangelism Week, lining up in June and July to celebrate great decisions of hope.

Winter Evangelism Week is an instance for the Adventist community throughout the Chilean territory, recognized as an ideal opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, and relatives so they may be reached by the Holy Spirit.

The small groups of the local churches have been instrumental in developing these valuable days, organizing meetings throughout the country to attend the special programming of Winter Evangelism Week. This has been conducted throughout the week through the online signal by preacher Mitchell Urbano, evangelist for the South Brazilian Union, the administrative headquarters of the Adventist Church for the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul.

These days have been very special for the various congregations, which approached their programs in a personalized way, adjusting to the time of the attendees, giving rise to these services being available in the afternoon and evening.

Valuable Days

A faithful example of these programs was seen at the Pueblo Nuevo Adventist Church in the northern part of Temuco. Pastor Juan Zúñiga, president of the South Austral Chile Conference, together with Pastor Carlos San Martin, presented the seven days of the program and witnessed exciting decisions of hope that put new names in golden letters in heaven’s book of life.

These programs were able to extend pleasant victories for Christ, reaching 150 baptisms, attending 558 visits, and confirming 537 Bible students—all of this among the 106 preaching centers.

A Work that Continues

Halfway through the year, the progress of the mission in the southern territory of Chile has been evident, reaching new hearts and sharing the Word of God with the community. This successful event has demonstrated once again the commitment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of salvation.

Winter Evangelism Week in southern Chile has been an unforgettable experience of faith and fellowship for all participants. As they move into the second half of the year, it is hoped that the work of evangelism will continue to grow and new hearts will continue to be reached with the transforming message of love and hope in Christ.

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.


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