One day a strange tourist came to his hotel. The two men gradually became friends. Until one day, the hotel worker learned God does not require us to balance the…

A science major allows God to use him in a restricted country. As a Christian, he may not have been allowed to work there otherwise. source

The power of stories in a cross-cultural context. People in this region are learning to love Bible stories. source

A boy who fell in the fire pit was saved by a man who nobody saw. source

How to use Christ’s method of ministry to reach people from another world view. source

A sports analogy that helps us understand two distinct world-views. source

Serving the homeless and needy in Guatemala city. This group of Adventists makes friends and serve the most challenged in their community. source

A newly-baptized Adventist woman was so excited to become an Adventist that she said she wants to be a Christian on her next life. Learn how to help people experience…

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