Volunteers in Action (VIA), an independent ministry supported by the South Queensland Conference, has sponsored two volunteers from the Kiunga Adventist Church (PNG) to reach the large, divided Yogom tribe, which is based along the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border.

Volunteers Johnson Dialope and Siro Waida, who have been sponsored for three years with the specific mission of reaching the tribe, have already started to take the gospel to the people of Dome village this year.

Siro Waida and his family [Photo: Adventist Record]

To support the work of the two volunteers, a large group from the Kiunga Church recently organized a mission trip to the village, which is located within walking distance of the West Papuan villages. The mission started in the center of the area with plans to expand to the north and south.

“We heard of that need from a report at their district camp meeting last September,” said Jim Wagi, Western Highlands Mission VIA coordinator. “We then sent the request to the VIA administration in Australia for sponsorship. Their positive response made it possible to kick-start the mission to this tribe.”

Johnson Dialope and his family [Photo: Adventist Record]

Johnson Dialope and his family [Photo: Adventist Record]

Jacklyn Nomi, a participant in the mission trip, brought clothes for donation for babies and children, meeting the needs of many families in the area. “Mothers with naked children queued up for Jacklyn’s favor. Her kind deed touched the hearts and easily created friendship within a short space of time,” said Wagi.

According to Wagi, the response from both sides of the border was very positive, but “there is still much more to do.”


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